About Lexy

I grew up on a farm in Northeast Nebraska (Pierce). My family raises crops (corn & soybeans) and cow/calf pairs. I graduated from South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD in December 2016. I majored in Ag Science with minors in Equine Studies, Animal Science, Agronomy, and Range Science. I now reside on my family's ranch southwest of Johnstown, NE where I manage our small herd of cattle with my husband, Randy Wood.

However, working with horses is my true PASSION.


I have grown up with horses all my life. I had ponies growing up and slowly moved to bigger, faster horses. From local playdays and horse shows to 4-H and Little Britches Rodeo, I have participated in many different events such as showmanship, western pleasure, reining, barrel, & poles – though my favorites were the speed events. I also participated in breakaway roping and goat tying when I had the chance.

I absolutely would not be the person I am today without horses, and I aim to keep them a significant part of my life. 

"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

From a very young age, I had the dream to work with horses as a future career. While in high school, I had somewhat strayed from this idea because I began to realize that it may not be entirely lucrative and successful in my area. Following my equine internship with Bogie Webb of Webb Ranches the summer before my sophomore year of college, I realized the value of doing something that one loves for the rest of one's life. I intend to fulfill the above quote in my own life. Doing what one loves in life causes the results to be even better for those they do it for. I hope to give good quality horses to customers that they will enjoy for a long time.

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My Horses


(Heico Gypsy)

Gypsy is a 2005 black mare. She originally came to me as a client horse in 2016 & 2017 on consignment. She was sold in June 2017. I was given the opportunity to buy her in October 2017 when the gal realized that Gypsy wasn’t the right horse for her in her current situation. Gypsy will be staying with me for the foreseeable future. You might even get to see her make an appearance at my wedding in 2019!

Lexy Nuesch Horse Training, Gypsy, Nebraska, Creek, black, horse, mare, Heico Gypsy


(RWS Blackjack Oak)

Badger is a Sutton-bred 2013 gelding. I had the opportunity to start him at the SDSU Horse Unit Fall 2015. He quickly became pretty special to me while at college. I was able to bring him home in May 2017.

Lexy Nuesch Horse Training, Badger, bay, gelding, Nebraska, horse, RWS Blackjack Oak


(BW Burn Notice)

Festus is one of the colts I started at Webb Ranches during my summer internship in 2014. He is a 2012 gelding by A Hunka Burnin' Love (www.dashinelvis.com). Many of my bridleless riding videos feature Festus.

Festus, BW Burn Notice, Lexy Nuesch Horse Trainig, horse, buckskin, gelding, Nebraska


(Gold Tone Dandy)

Spurs is a 2006 gelding; he is 16 hands tall and built like a tank. He is my big, reliable gelding for any job.

Spurs, Gold Tone Dandy, Lexy Nuesch Horse Training, Nebraska, palomino, gelding


With sadness, we had to put Sonny down (1/27/15) due to penile cancer that was spreading rapidly. He was such a great horse. He will be greatly missed.


Sonny was my mom's horse, but he has carried me many places and received many awards during our career. He was approximately 25 years old. Even in his old age, Sonny had given his all for me in the arena. He was a heck of a horse that could bring tears to my eyes as we walked out of the gate following a run.

Sonny, gelding, bay, Lexy Nuesch Horse Training, Nebraska, barrel racing


(Jacks Chiquita Lynx)

Venus is a 2005 mare. She is pretty special to me. In 2006, I won her in the Kids4Horses essay contest when she was just a yearling. Venus is the first horse that I started when I was about 13 years old. She has become my go-to horse for pushing cattle up the alley.

Venus, Jacks Chiquita Lynx, mare, sorrel, Lexy Nuesch Horse Training, Nebraska, horse


With sadness, Casey moved on to greener pastures (12/16/17). She was the greatest little bay pony. She will be greatly missed.

Casey was a 1996 Quarter Pony Mare. She was my second pony I got at the Corsica Horse Sale when I was ten years old. I had intentions of moving up to a horse at that point. However, I could not be happier that I ended up with Casey. Though she was smaller than the other horses, she held her own in the gaming events. She is also a phenomenal egg & spoon mount. Even after I started riding Sonny, Casey remained my faithful goat tying pony.

Casey, pony, bay, mare, Lexy Nuesch Horse Training, Nebraska


With sadness, we had to put Bingo down (10/21/15) due to complications resulting from old age. When the vet came out, he said Bingo was likely well into his thirties, contrary to what we believed.


Bingo was the first pony that I got when I was five years old, and he was ten. This little horse laid the foundation for the horsewoman I have become today. Bingo took me to many local playdays, trail rides, and cattle drives on cold days. He was also my frequent partner for a game of Cowboys & Indians against my brother and his pony, Indian. Bingo wasn't that dull pony that some kids grow up with, he had some get-up-and-go and a feisty side to him, but I am sure thankful that he was the way he was. Bingo remained my faithful mount until I was ten when I found Casey.

Bingo, pony, gelding,

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