Hinman Custom Performance

LNHT is sponsored by Hinman Custom Performance of Wood, SD!


HCP carries great products ranging from Horseware, Redmond Equine, Draw It Out, KTTape, the Original Crooked Stirrups (with some sweet designs, I might add), & will soon be adding the Horse Hydrator! Hinman Custom Performance is also the home of the late Cruisin on Firewater, a son of Firewater Flit, & JS Frenchmans Bully.


I've used many of Horseware's human therapy products, have made the Rambo Ionic, Ice-Vibe, & Sports-Vibe products a regular part of the care & therapy of horses here at LNHT. My personal horses have also gotten to utilize the Rambo & Amigo flysheets. Even the dogs & the husband use the Sportz-Vibe products! The Redmond Equine products are a staple in my feeding program. The horses appreciate that I've made Draw It Out a part of our daily routine, too. Now that I use the Original Crooked Stirrups on all of my saddles, it's tough to be comfortable in other stirrups now. The Horse Hydrator will be with me while traveling for clinics & other horse events!

Check out the LNHT Facebook page as I'm often posting about why the horses & I like these products!

I appreciate the opportunity that Deidra at Hinman Custom Performance has extended to me through this sponsorship! In the past, she's sent a lot of business my way in the form of training horses, client referrals, & a website to work on. I hope to be able to do the same for her & her business!


Check out the website that I've put a lot of work into! When you're ready to place an order, use code "HCPLN" for 15% off your entire order or "HCPLNfreeship" for free shipping, whichever is greater!


Ridge Creek Tack

LNHT is honored to be sponsored by Ridge Creek Tack!

Ridge Creek Tack is a horsewoman's jackpot! Quality tack for incredibly reasonable prices with oodles of size & color options to choose from! Ridge Creek Tack is my top recommendation for many of the required items to attend my clinics!

The first product that I purchased was a gorgeous loping hackamore. Now, my tack room is full of Ridge Creek Tack products. I have a collection of stiff knotted rope halters & 14-15 foot training lines & there's no other place that I will purchase my yacht rope mecate, performance, loop, & split reins. Other products include neck ropes, war bridles, bitless options, so much more! If there's a product or color that you don't see, she can do custom orders as well.

There's almost always a Ridge Creek Tack item in the photos posted on the LNHT Facebook page.

Ridge Creek has given me a coupon code for 10% off on top of just providing these affordable, eye-catching products. Use code "Lexy2019" when checking out for 10% off. This can be used during sales, but not with other coupon codes.

- Colt Starting
- Re-Educating/Problem Horses

- Sales Prep/Marketing

- Lessons

- Clinics
- Barrel Racing

- Cattle Exposure

- Trimming


April through mid-December (weather permitting)


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