Colt Starting

Starting young horses under saddle is my specialty.

I enjoy taking a young horse full of untapped potential & unlocking it. 


Colt starting consists of foundation groundwork and, of course, riding.

At least a week of GROUNDWORK will be done BEFORE riding. Groundwork gives me the opportunity to get to know your horse & vice versa as well as evaluate how your horse responds to pressure. It will consist of round penning, desensitization to weight and plastic/feed bags, familiarization with the saddle and bridle, and several different exercises to prepare them for mounting.


Once the groundwork is satisfactory, riding will begin. 

Colts will become weight broke (stop to weight, follow bodyweight through turns and straight lines), ride on a loose rein in a relaxed manner, flex with the bridle, bend at walk/trot, break at the poll, back up, and more. These exercises are introduced & honed in the arena before moving out to the pastures.


★☆ Price ☆★

Board/Hay – $375/30 days

Training/Riding – $30/day

• Minimum of 90 days of work •


While your horse is in training with me, I require at least two lessons so that you can make the most out of your horse's training. Unlimited lessons are offered free of charge while your horse is in training.

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April through mid-December (weather permitting)


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