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(2012 AQHA Palomino Mare)


July 31, 2012 • Mare • Palomino

Tequila (Sugar Leo Angel) is an AQHA 2012 Palomino Mare. She stands about 14.2 hands.

She's a previous client's horse that I purchased in 2018. She can be a little stand-offish but is very food motivated. My plan was to start her & sell her. However, after a crazy year weather-wise (flooding, our lane washing out) & wedding planning, it didn't get done & client horses take priority over personal projects. She's had a decent bit of groundwork, though it hasn't been super consistent. It wouldn't take much to get her saddled & going. She'd make a great broodmare as well.


Tequila bathes, gets along well with other horses, & stands tied. She had a dental done in October 2018. She's a curious mare that slipped through the cracks at Hunt's since she was part of Geno's herd & then was a wedding gift to my client in 2015 or 2016; she then got pregnant & was unable to work with her herself.


(2005 AQHA Sorrel Mare)


July 15, 2005 • Mare • Sorrel

Roxy (Roys Sugar Plum) is an AQHA 2005 Sorrel Mare. She is about 14.2 hands with a beautiful mane & long, thick tail that touches the ground.

Roxy was purchased by my uncle in mid-2015. He intended to leave her here at the ranch & use her to check cattle when he came out; however, he’s more of a four-wheeler guy & did not ride her beyond the day after buying her. Roxy was my husband's go-to mount before he brought his own two horses out. In early 2019, I officially acquired Roxy in my string. Roxy has a place in both my & Randy’s hearts & she wouldn’t be going anywhere if we had kids, but we just can’t keep them all with client horses & several other personal projects that need more attention than Roxy.

Roxy has been used primarily to ride around the ranch & to check cattle while with us in the last three years. I’ve used her to work client horses horseback as well. She’s been used to gather, move, & sort cattle. Pulls a sled through the snow, no problem. She crosses water with ease. Great around dogs, 4-wheelers & side-by-sides, etc. Roxy leads respectfully, rides on a loose rein, opens gates, & has a nice trot & lope. Rides out well alone or in a group, can ride bareback in a halter, stands for farrier, bathes, etc. Gentle with no buck, rear, kick, bite, spook, & gets along well with other horses. She’s excellent with time off; saddle up & ride off after sitting for several months. Loads & unloads off of a stock or slant trailer well. No health issues & is sound.


I recently have attended a couple of barrel races with her & a Trail Challenge where she received a second & third place & placed second in the average. We have also taken her out to Fort Robinson State Park in August 2019 where she handled some of the toughest trails they have to offer. 


With previous owners, she has drug calves to the fire; pasture doctored; been used at a feedlot; started on the heel side; run barrels & poles; team sorted & penned; been ridden in numerous parades; & been ridden on many rides at places like Fort Robinson & Custer State Park.


(2011 Haflinger Mare)

Belle has found her perfect person & new home in Colorado!


It was meant to be that Madisen found a post of Belle while searching for Haflingers on Facebook. I don't think Adena or I could have handpicked a better place for her to continue her journey!


I will forever be so thankful for this one-of-a-kind horse for all that she taught me & to Adena for sending her to me & being one of the best clients that I can call a friend. Thank you to Madisen for leaving me confident that Belle will be well taken care of & continued with in the manner that she needs!


2011 • Mare • Haflinger

Belle is an incredibly sweet smart 2011 approximately 14hh Haflinger mare. What she lacks in height, she definitely makes up for in stoutness.


Belle was bred & raised by a 70-year-old Amish man for about five years before he got sick. It’s safe to say that her experience there was not a good one. In 2016, the current owner then sent her to be started under saddle for about five months by JNB Stables, who much enjoyed Belle & gave her a great experience under saddle.  


When she arrived here in October of 2018, she had had minimal handling on the ground & no riding since being picked up from the previous trainer in 2016. Here, she has had a fair bit of groundwork (round penning, yielding the hindquarters/forequarters, backing, lunging, desensitizing, etc.). However, the “move your feet” method is not what works best with her. Her first ride after having three years off went great. She was stopping to my weight at times & we went straight from the arena down the lane & gravel road for several miles. Belle moves out at all gaits on a loose rein inside & outside of the arena, stops, & backs. Rides bareback in a halter. She crosses water & obstacles with ease; has been great around my dogs; & stands for farrier, vet, & chiropractor. Sweet mare with no buck, rear, kick, or bite & gets along well with other horses.


Belle does have some quirks. She has been hard to catch in the past, has bolted & pulled the lead rope out of hands several times. It’s not something to just wave off saying, “Oh, I can handle it.” Believe me, that’s what I said when she first rolled in as well. These behaviors are much more pronounced when she is around other horses as well. Since starting some consistent positive reinforcement & endotapping, she will now target my hand & catching takes seconds, rather than nearly an hour, & has shown no inclination of wanting to bolt thus far. Though, it is something that one needs to be aware of.


Belle will do best with someone who is willing to continue working with her in this way. If you think that you’re going to be successful by moving her feet & chasing her around on the ground, you will be sorely mistaken. She is not for someone who is interested in buying to sell again. The owner will require a contract with the first right of refusal. 


Belle has no known health issues & is sound. Vet checks welcome at buyer’s expense.


Belle is scheduled to be here through the end of the year. She'll have additional arena hours & many more outside miles by then.



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Age: 4     Mare    Bay Roan


Dally is a grade 4-year-old bay roan Quarter horse mare. Her dam is a full sister to Lilly's Victory, the dam of Rocket (Packin Victory). She is 14.1 hands & about 1050 lbs. What she lacks in height, she makes up in thickness.


Dally has been a client horse in training with Lexy Nuesch Horse Training in Johnstown, NE mid-July to mid-August 2016 to receive a handful of rides before going back home to grow a little more. She came back mid-June through September 2017 to continue being started under saddle & again mid-April through mid-August 2018 to continue being ridden. So far, she's received about 90 days of work between groundwork & riding & about 45 rides. My client has had to make the tough decision to sell her as her rodeo pickup is needing major repairs. Dally has received a fundamental start in the arena & is now being ridden in the Sandhills of NE. She has great ground manners, leads respectfully, rides on a loose rein at all three gaits, is responsive to leg pressure, stops to weight, backs, breaks at the poll, has a smooth little trot that is easy to sit, & a little rocking chair lope. Rides out well alone or in a group, crosses water with ease, stands to be trimmed, bathes, not hard to catch, etc. Hop on bareback with a halter & ride out of the pen. She has been used to check cattle in the NE Sandhills, has had a rope swung off of her, roped the dummy, & has drug a sled, but no live critters. Great around dogs, 4-wheelers & side-by-sides, etc. No rear, kick, bite, or mare-ish behavior. She did crow hop with me twice while loping around in the arena in 2017 (not enough to dump me), however, she has not displayed any signs of wanting to do that this year. She is good with time off & gets along well with other horses. Loads & unloads off of a stock or slant trailer well.


Dally would be a suitable all around mare that would excel on the ranch, on the trail, in the roping arena, or running a set of cans. No health issues & is sound (has a few old scars & bumps on legs, but they do not affect her, can send photos for anyone interested in having a closer look).

Videos of Dally can be found throughout the 2016 Horses, 2017 Horses, & 2018 Horses video playlists.

Lincoln (A Surprize Hotrodder)

Lincoln, Sold Horses, Lexy Nuesch Horse Training

 Lincoln was sent on down the road in October 2016 to a great home. He will be a ranch & trick-riding mount. Roberta & I are looking forward to seeing how his future unfolds! 

Lincoln, Sold Horses, Lexy Nuesch Horse Training

Age: 4     Gelding    Red Dun

Lincoln (A Surprize Hotrodder) is a registered 4-year-old red dun Quarter horse gelding. He is roughly 15.1 hands. While in the hands of the previous owner, he had 90 days of training. It is unknown who that training was with. Lincoln has been in training with me since mid-May. Prior to coming to me, he had sat in the pasture for at least 9 months. Here, he has gone back through the basics of groundwork & riding. He round pens well, yields his forequarters & hindquarters, leads respectfully, & has been desensitized to a multitude of things. Under saddle, he flexes; yields his hindquarters; stops to weight; bends & softens to the rider's heel/spur at a walk, trot, & lope; breaks at the poll; backs up; rides on a loose rein; & is weight broke (the start of going bridleless). He has been out in the Nebraska Sandhills checking cattle & willingly walks through the creek. No buck, rear, kick, or bite. Lincoln would be suitable as a trail horse &/or as a barrel prospect ready to start on the pattern your way. He would also make a good penning/sorting prospect as he is very interested in cattle. Because of his responsiveness & age, he would be best suited to an intermediate rider. He is easy going & laid back, easy to catch, & gets along well with other horses. Lincoln is a horse that I wouldn't mind having in my own string of horses. 

Lincoln is UTD on vaccinations (EEE/WEE, Tetanus, & Strangles) as of May 9th. He stands well to be trimmed. He was last trimmed on August 4th & has had no issue going barefoot. No health issues & is sound.


Videos can be found on my Facebook page, Lexy Nuesch Horse Training, under the 2016 Horses video playlist.

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