Upcoming Clinics

Pierce, NE Intermediate Riding Clinic

May 9th & 10th (8:30 AM to 5:30 PM)

Pierce, NE (Pierce County Fairgrounds)

If the clinic has to be canceled, refunds will be issued. We may try to schedule a rain date.

Stalls – $10 (Refunded when Cleaned) • Electrical Hookups – $15/night

No concessions available • Bring own lunch or go to Subway or J's Place in Pierce

Participant Fee: $350
$175 deposit is due following registration with the remaining half due April 25th
Each participant may bring parents (if under 18) or one "coach" at no additional cost

Registration & Payment Due April 25th
Spectator Fee: $20/day OR $35 for both (Spectators need not pre-register)


This 2-day riding clinic will focus on vertical flexion (the start of collection), side passing, rollbacks, shoulder in/out to gain shoulder control, the start of a turnaround/pivot/spin, working on leads at the lope, stop on whoa, & keeping your horse soft when transitioning down to a walk from a trot or lope. Depending on progress made, we may be able to touch on some of the more advanced exercises like two-tracking, counter bending, more advanced hindquarter control, etc.

To participate in this clinic, you must have participated in one of LNHT's previous Foundation Groundwork/Riding Clinics or have had a private clinic with LNHT. Because there are a few loping specific exercises that will be practiced, it is highly recommended you be comfortable loping your horse on a loose rein.

The tasks in this clinic will be practiced enough for one to understand the basics and see a slight change in one's horse. One then takes it home to practice. Problems will be addressed, but a clinic is not where they are fixed. One will be given the necessary tools to apply them at home.

It is **MANDATORY** to come prepared with an O or D-ring snaffle bit.

It would be ideal to come prepared with a rope halter, a 14-15 ft lead rope, an O or D-ring snaffle bit, & a training stick & string as groundwork is strongly suggested to prepare your horse at the start of the clinic.


If ordering from Ridge Creek Tack, use code "Lexy2019" to receive 10% off of your order.

Rope Halter: http://www.ridgecreektack.com/store/p20/StiffHalter.html

• Choose 4 knots

15 ft Lead Rope: http://www.ridgecreektack.com/store/p40/TrainingLine.html

• Choose 14 or 15-foot length w/ Stainless Steel Bull Snap

Halter/Lead Set: http://www.ridgecreektack.com/store/p70/DownunderTrainingSet.html

Snaffle Bit (any will work, but this is my preference): http://www.chris-cox.com/tack/bits/bits-1

Training Stick & String: https://shop.downunderhorsemanship.com/product-category/tack/sticks-strings-and-whips/

Mecate Reins: http://www.ridgecreektack.com/store/p24/MecateReins.html

Slobber Straps: http://www.ridgecreektack.com/store/p44/SlobberStraps.html

- Colt Starting
- Re-Educating/Problem Horses

- Sales Prep/Marketing

- Lessons

- Clinics
- Barrel Racing

- Cattle Exposure

- Trimming


April through mid-December (weather permitting)


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